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15 Things You Didn't Know About Plastic Bags

Posted time:2018-04-17 Page View:119

What do you do with the plastic bags you usually use for shopping and fashion things? Throw it away when you're done? Storing clothing trash? Or... In fact, there are many wonderful uses of it, let's take a look at the following 30 wonderful uses!

1, summer, white vest wear for a long time can not be washed clean. You can wash the white vest with clean water first, and then gently rub it with soap or laundry detergent. After cleaning, gently rub with soap or washing powder, no longer rinse, put in a plastic bag, and tie the mouth, in the sun for 1 hour. Then take it out and scrub it clean to make it as white as the beginning.

2, plastic bag storage chestnut. The chestnuts are packed in plastic bags and kept in an underground room with good ventilation and stable temperature. When the temperature is above 10℃, the mouth of the plastic bag should be opened; When the temperature is below 10℃, tie the mouth of the plastic bag tightly. Turn once every 7 to 10 days at the beginning, and after 1 month, the number of turns can be appropriately reduced.

3, non-toxic plastic bags can be used to store cabbage in winter. When the indoor temperature is too low, the whole cabbage can be covered with plastic bags and tied to the mouth of the bag; If the temperature is above 0℃, the cabbage can be covered from the upper part of the plastic bag, without tying the mouth, the root can be poked down on the ground.

4. Use plastic bags to ripen bananas. You can put about 5 kilograms of bananas into a plastic bag, and then put in a bowl or tea cup, filled with dry sand or furnace ash, with 10 pieces of fine incense, half broken, inserted into the container of sand, lit after tying the mouth of the bag can be.

5, plastic bag storage of sea cucumber. Dry the sea cucumber thoroughly, into the double non-toxic plastic bag, tie the bag mouth, hang in a ventilated dry place, summer exposure several times, so that the preservation of sea cucumber for a long time will not deteriorate.

6, rice into the composite plastic food bag, the air in the bag squeezed out, in the place close to the rice with a rope tight bag mouth, can prevent rice from damp mildew.

7, in late spring, the red dates will be exposed to the sun for a few days, the salt is hot and cool, a layer of red dates a layer of salt into a plastic bag or jar, sealed preservation, jujube can be safe summer.

8, fresh leek into a plastic bag, placed in a cool ventilated place, within 3 days can keep fresh.

9, before and after the winter solstice, air radish, radish sun until the skin dry, into a plastic bag, with a rope tied bag mouth, so stored for two months, radish does not deteriorate, do not bran heart.

10. Bundle fresh coriander into small bundles, wrap with a layer of paper, insert the roots into a plastic bag, bind slightly, and then put the roots down in a cool place. Keep the cilantro in this way and it will still be fresh within 1 week.

11, pepper string, fully dry, take a suitable size of plastic bag, string pepper string string from the bottom of the plastic bag through, hanging in the eaves, every 1 to 2 months to take off the plastic bag to the pepper in the sun. In this way, the peppers will not grow insects and rot, but also clean and sanitary.

12, hair lead knead into a ball, into non-toxic plastic film bag, tie the bag mouth, stored in a cool place, summer can keep 3 to 4 days not bad.

13, fresh mushrooms contain more water, soft tissue, easy to deteriorate, the general family can use brine soaking method fresh-keeping. Soak mushrooms in 0.6% salt water for 10 minutes, drain and pack in a plastic bag to keep them fresh for 3 to 5 days.

14, after persimmon harvest, choose full fruit without damage, into 80×110 cm, film thickness 0.06 mm polyethylene bag, each bag persimmon 150 or so, each bag with 500 grams of molecular sieve ethylene absorbent, sealed after 0℃ cold storage, you can deastringent preservation.

15, choose varieties of good, no damage of apple, the paper into the plastic food bag, sealed bag mouth, stored in a low temperature room or shady balcony, can be maintained for several months to half a year is not bad.